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A Visit to a Wet Valley

I never saw a wet valley like I did in May of 2017. I have, by no means, set the record for the number of times I’ve been to Yosemite. I am, by no means, a connoisseur of Yosemite Valley climatology. I know, by no means, all the landscapes there are to become familiar in the valley. Nevertheless, I was stunned by what I saw the weekend of May 7, 2017.

Albert Bierstadt – Artist (1830-1902)

Albert Bierstadt paintings from the mid to late 19th century of Yosemite are the most recognized of all the artists of this medium. He was born January 1830 and passed away in 1902. His many paintings of Yosemite and Hetch Hetchy Valleys are just a small fraction of his body of work which are estimated to be between 400 and 500, but some say many thousands, of paintings.

Hetch Hetchy – Unsung Hero of the National Park Service…

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir July, 2014. At the highest level I’ve ever seen.

We already discussed that Hetch Hetchy reservoir was created to service the needs of San Francisco and outlining areas. Also shown was that it was not without good cause. But how did that happen? How could a municipality gain water rights, let alone damming, a river in a National Park? It may seem to be too late to do anything about it now, but is it?

The Hike I’ll Not Take – Half Dome


There are a number hikes that I have taken or would like to take (and one, I have no interest in taking). In this post, I’ll share with you why I have no intention to hike Half Dome.