Big Trees Lodge (Wawona)


In review this encapsulation, I noticed, I never mentioned Wawona. So I have added it to the seconded post (Yosemite of Yesteryear – Part Two)

Yosemite of Yesteryear – Part One:               The early lodgings

Lower House

Upper House

Liedig’s Hotel

Peregory’s Mountain View Hotel

Yosemite of Yesteryear – Part Two                The Second Wave

La Casa Nevada

The Cosmopolitan Saloon

The Mountain House at Glacier Point

Wawona Hotel (Big Trees Lodge)

Yosemite of Yesteryear – Part Three             Turn of the Century Buildings (19th to 20th)

The Sentinel Hotel

Yosemite Chapel

Stoneman House

Camp Curry

Yosemite of Yesteryear – Part Four               The latest lodgings

Place Name Changes

The Lake House

Glacier Point Hotel

The Yosemite Lodge (at the falls)  (Yosemite Valley Lodge)

The Ahwahnee Hotel (Yosemite Majestic Hotel)