Monthly archives: September, 2015

My Brief Trip To Yosemite!

Sunrise at Yosemite

My shortened trip was productive anyway. I found some interesting details on the early park. I re-visited the Pioneer Cemetery and, outside the park, visited the home of John Muir.

Mirror Lake Hike

Guardian Lagoon

Mirror Lake is so named because of its placid surface that creates such a reflection that it “mirrors” objects such as Mount Watkins or Half Dome. This hike, I suspect, won’t be there forever since the park service has decided to let it be…

Yosemite History-ing

Autumn Chapel By Jeff Kreider Yosemite

History was never exciting for me. First off, it required reading, which I still have trouble with. But more to the point, “Who cares?’ I mean, obviously something happened in the past, but what possible relevance can it have today? In the past forty to forty-five years, that world view has been interrupted, quite to my surprise, due to a number of events in my own history.