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Yosemite of Yesteryear – Part 3 – Sentinel Hotel, Stoneman Hotel

Autumn Chapel By Jeff Kreider Yosemite

Originally, Yosemite was visited by arriving on horseback or (later) by stagecoach. This series of posts will reveal details of the early buildings in and around the valley; where they were, who ran them, what was around them. In this post, we’ll learn about the Sentinel Hotel, Yosemite Chapel, Stoneman House and Camp Curry (now “Half Dome Village)

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Tenaya Lake Frozen - Posts Coming Soon to Yosemite Tales

I have been working on a number of tales and they are all in various states of incompleteness. The subject matters of these posts, for the most part, are very much intertwined with each other. As I unveil a fact for one tale, it reveals issues with another. Additionally, I really need to get back to Yosemite to pick up more information. So, while I continue to work on these details, I’ll share with you some “previews” of what those tales are.