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Yosemite in July

This was a quick trip to Yosemite for an assignment. Primarily for night sky photos, I also visited some of the standard haunts. I was gratified to see and meet Lee Stetson, who, has for over 35 years, portrayed John Muir at the park.

Restore Hetch Hetchy Valley. Then what?


After visiting Yosemite last month, I got to wondering about the Hetch Hetchy restoration prospects. Suppose for a moment that ruffled feathers of San Francisco and other Tuolumne River recipients are plucked and the “okay” to divert the water elsewhere is made. Then what?

A Quick Trip To Yosemite…

I had a number of things I had hoped to get done on this trip and I got all of them started but only a few completed. One of them was staying at a camp site….

Lembert Dome Hike

There are a number hikes that I have taken or would like to take (and one, I have no interest in taking). In this post, I’ll share with you Lembert Dome. Almost a year after the Yosemite Falls trip, this hike allowed me to regain myself respect (sort of).