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Photos of El Capitan

There are a number of “iconic” sights around the park and the valley to photograph. A few of them I can’t help but snap every time I visit. One of them is El Capitan.

Rock Climbers: Not To Be Out-Done…

The Nose of El Capitan Feature Image

Primarily, Yosemite for me is about the jaw-dropping scenic view of Valley locations. But as I peel back the onion of the parks history, I’m finding many more aspects of the park to be every bit as fascinating. One of those aspects is rock climbing.

A Quick Trip To Yosemite…

I had a number of things I had hoped to get done on this trip and I got all of them started but only a few completed. One of them was staying at a camp site….

The Hike I’ll Not Take – Half Dome


There are a number hikes that I have taken or would like to take (and one, I have no interest in taking). In this post, I’ll share with you why I have no intention to hike Half Dome.