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The First View of Yosemite by Westerners

History has stated the first view of Yosemite Valley by westerners was when the Mariposa Battalion, in pursuit of Chief Tenaya and his renegades that attacked James Savage’s trading post and others near Mariposa, entered the valley March 25, 1851. But were they the first westerners to actually have the first view of the valley?

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I have been working on a number of tales and they are all in various states of incompleteness. The subject matters of these posts, for the most part, are very much intertwined with each other. As I unveil a fact for one tale, it reveals issues with another. Additionally, I really need to get back to Yosemite to pick up more information. So, while I continue to work on these details, I’ll share with you some “previews” of what those tales are.

James D. Savage – 1817-1852

Savage Landmark

Also known as the White Chief (or Blonde King), James D. Savage lead the Mariposa Battalion into Yosemite Valley to track down and capture Chief Tenaya of the Yosemites on March 25, 1851. He is credited with leading the first westerners to see Yosemite Valley.