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Photos of El Capitan

There are a number of “iconic” sights around the park and the valley to photograph. A few of them I can’t help but snap every time I visit. One of them is El Capitan.

John Muir and Yosemite

John Muir Home

John Muir was many things to many movements. By far, his most lasting contribution was to flora. He identified countless species of trees and flowers never before cataloged. He traveled to six of the seven continents (missing only Antarctica, as it had no trees). But our focus is on how he influenced and worked in and for, as he called it, The Yosemite.

Photos at Valley View

There are a number of “iconic” sites around the Valley to photograph. A few of them I can’t help but snap every time I’m there. One of them is called Valley View.

Rock Climbers: Not To Be Out-Done…

The Nose of El Capitan Feature Image

Primarily, Yosemite for me is about the jaw-dropping scenic view of Valley locations. But as I peel back the onion of the parks history, I’m finding many more aspects of the park to be every bit as fascinating. One of those aspects is rock climbing.

Getting Excited About My Next Trip To Yosemite…

Yosemite Selfie

Next weekend I’m going to visit my dad with my brother and help him with some things around the house, but since that’s quite a jaunt for me (he’s in Santa Cruz, CA and I’m in Bullhead City, AZ) I thought I’d break it up with a layover at Yosemite. I’ve been trying to get out there since we moved here last November, but alas, I couldn’t make it happen.

The Hike I’ll Not Take – Half Dome


There are a number hikes that I have taken or would like to take (and one, I have no interest in taking). In this post, I’ll share with you why I have no intention to hike Half Dome.