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Galen Clark – Guardian of Yosemite (1814-1910)

Galen Clark is probably Yosemite’s most influential person. He gave Yosemite his heart and soul constantly for over 50 years; more time than any two other, more famous characters of Yosemite’s first years. So why isn’t he better known?

Thomas Hill – Artist (1829-1908)

Thomas Hill’s Studio still stands at Wawona at, what is now called, The Big Trees Lodge. It is a monument to an extraordinary artist renowned in is own time and to the present.

Mirror Lake Hike

Guardian Lagoon

Mirror Lake is so named because of its placid surface that creates such a reflection that it “mirrors” objects such as Mount Watkins or Half Dome. This hike, I suspect, won’t be there forever since the park service has decided to let it be…

Carleton Watkins – Photographer (1829-1916)

One of the first to photograph Yosemite was Carleton Watkins. His photos were used to illustrate the valley and convince the Lincoln Administration to sign the Yosemite Grant.