The Links Page

I added a “Links” page, after much thought. I was advised against it because the web guy said, “You don’t want people leaving your site, you want them coming to your site.” Well, yeah, but I don’t want to reproduce all the information that I want to share the link, either. The National Park Service site, for instance is constantly updated with current conditions and, as it happens, the link is comparatively easy to navigate in that area.

Yosemite On-Line has volumes of historical data and many digitized tomes of historical significance and, again, why should I duplicate the effort? Hence that link.

I have found the Restore Hetch Hetchy site useful and informative and I do refer to it in a couple of blog postings. I link to it frequently and may again.

The Sierra Club played more than a casual role in Yosemite’s growth and remains an important part of world-wide environmental issues. But more to my point, it contains some historical articles on Yosemite.

All Trails is a site that provides details about hiking trails in many parts of the country.

As I encounter (or think of) sites I think are useful, I will add their links to the list. If you have or know of a site that may be useful, let me know through the contacts page. I would appreciate, but certainly will not require, a reciprocal link. I don’t want this to turn into an advertisement page. The sole criteria of including a link on my site are because I believe it is useful AND it may be useful to my target audience. So if you ask for a link, and I don’t add it, please don’t fire-bomb me. If I don’t add your site, that is not to say that I think you are a vacuous pervert or that your site sucks. It could be that I, personally, don’t find it interesting (or, more to the point, pertinent) enough to list. For example, IRS.GOV is a fine site and I have found it extremely useful at times. But, I don’t believe it is relevant to what I’m doing with It may, also, be that I haven’t gotten around to visiting your site, or have, but haven’t found it of global interest, or have, but want to run with it over a period of time before I consider including it.

So, there you are…I have a links page.